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Tcp optimizer best settings for gaming. Support / FAQ

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There is an optimum value: Don't attempt to align images manually: The stitcher only uses the optimized image parameters and ignores the control points. PTGui includes a viewer for publishing panoramas on a website.

How to Tweak Windows 10 for Gaming

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This can bring the entire computer to a crawl. In other words the control points are meaningless outside the context of the original images. Those algorithms work well in different contexts; without good statistics Oracle does not know the correct context.

Computer Settings

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Whichever one you prefer, it is important that you keep it up to date. Since the Batch Stitcher will modify the project file, problems could occur if the project would remain opened at the same time in the main PTGui Pro window: This preserves the image quality and full dynamic range of the source images. In previous version of PTGui, a temporary copy of the project would be sent to the batch stitcher.

Things to do before doing any changes within your OS:

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