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Both with engaging and endearing personalities and a relationship that resembles two bickering brothers, this pairing certainly know how to perform. I am sure I am not the only one still asking myself, how does he do that? As with any show, some acts impress more than others.

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The beauty of magic, especially magic presented as professionally and dramatically as The Champions of Magic show, is that it makes six-year-olds of us all. It ends in a conjuring climax that will be seared on several retinas as well as memories Theirs is actually a highly-sophisticated comedy double act delivered with faux naivety. - Hilton Docklands - Canary Wharf Ferry Location Map

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This is a show that is perfectly paced, with comedy an essential part of the mix. How did he get up there?

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Champions of Magic was an excellent mixture of the serious and the silly. Crowds pay to be skilfully duped and are happy to revel in perplexity so long as the methods behind the duping remain inexplicable under their keen, watchful eyes. Reappearing throughout the show, Hilsum delights the audience with a few new illusions he had tucked up his sleeve. And entertaining it was too!

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