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The one used in Split Decision was later adapted for Ten Chances after the original numbered buttons broke. Among the "revelations" made were the fact that Wolverine is not a mutant after all but rather a "lupine," a species that looks completely human but is actually canine rather than primate in origin , and that Logan's mysterious, immortal ancestor, the founder of "lupine" society, had been behind basically every threat he'd ever faced, including the Weapon Plus program even though the mastermind of that had already been revealed as someone else in a far better story.

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Endsong, which was a sequel to The Dark Phoenix Saga , was declared non-canonical almost as soon as it was written. Common fan explanation is that Roma quietly revoked the "invisibility" gift around the time of the Xtinction Agenda crossover which is where Claremont actively stopped referencing it and that the gift itself may have been contingent on the X-Men both possessing and going through the Siege Perilous. The infamous "25 Years Later" arc depicted two different alternate futures for Mobius, one of which was ironically created as a result of attempts to change the other.

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