Juvenile held in alleged child porn case

By Traci Chapman

A Mustang juvenile sits in the county detention center after a Feb. 18 arrest for allegedly manufacturing and distributing child pornography.

Canadian County Sheriff Randall Edwards said investigators were alerted to activities at a Mustang residence after officials with the National Internet Crimes Against Children Office contacted the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations. OSBI officials then turned the case over to the sheriff’s office for investigation, Edwards said.

Executing a search warrant on Feb. 18, deputies recovered computers and electronics containing child pornography, as well as evidence that child pornography was being manufactured and distributed at the home, Edwards said. The only arrest made was of the 16-year-old juvenile, the sheriff said.

“Anytime we make arrests of this nature it’s a terrible thing, but to determine that a youngster was behind it makes it even worse,” Edwards said. “If any good comes from this arrest, it would be getting this young person treated and steered into the right direction before it’s too late.”

The juvenile was booked into the Gary E. Miller Canadian County Children’s Justice Center’s juvenile detention center, Edwards said. Complaints would be forwarded to the district attorney’s office for review this week, Edwards said.

“I’m really proud of what my ICAC investigations division has been able to accomplish in a relatively short time,” Edwards said. “It’s because of their level of expertise that National ICAC and the OSBI wanted this investigated from the sheriff’s office.”

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