Voters pass Calumet bond issue

By Emily Kindiger

Voters in Calumet last week supported a school bond issue that will build a new high school by more than 76 percent.

Canadian County Election Board Secretary Wanda Armold said after totaling the 190 votes, the bond passed with 146 voting yes, 76.84 percent, and 44 voting no, 23.16 percent.

Superintendent Keith Weldon said the 314 students in pre-kindergarten through 12th outgrew their class space years ago, and renovations and expansions have been necessary.

The $5.9 million bond will fund a new high school as well as technology upgrades and construction of a new music room and a new heat and air system.

“I’m proud that the bond passed,” Weldon said. “I know this is the time for a bond of this magnitude to pass. It’s a remarkable feat.

“Thank you to the Board of Education, teachers, and most of all the people of this community who supported the future of our students, school and community,” Weldon said. “They do put kids first.”

“It’s a big deal,” said Calumet Mayor Mike Crowly. “It’s a big step in our future.” He said the community is growing and “I expect more in the future.

“As mayor, I want to commend Keith Weldon and the school board members. Their timing was excellent,” Crowly said. “They did a fantastic job presenting this bond issue to the public.”

For more information, visit Calumet Public School at, or call 893-2222.

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