Mercy El Reno Auxilliary

New Mercy Hospital El Reno Auxiliary officers, from left, Marjorie Moss, secretary/reporter; Danella Finnigan, treasurer; Jean Gholston, president; Donna Morgan, vice president; and Janice Jackson, historian.



Myrtle Chapman opened the monthly board meeting of the Mercy Hospital El Reno Auxiliary, with Jean Gholston reading minutes of the previous meeting and Danella Finnigan giving the treasurer’s report.

It was noted that tray favors for Christmas were provided by Lamplighters HCE, and New Year’s favors were furnished by Highland Baptist Church.

Following the board meeting, the general meeting and awards luncheon was held, with Chapman discussing items the auxiliary had provided during the past year, including a television for the waiting room in the radiology department and over $6,000 worth of equipment purchased for the physical therapy department. Also, teddy bears and 380 eyeglass cases were given to patients. It was also noted that tray favors were provided for all major holidays by various local churches and organizations.

Awards were presented by Doug Danker and Shannon Taylor to the following:

Caroline Constien – 200-hour pin; Vera Miller, 300-hour pin; Janice Jackson, 1,500 hours; Marge Moss, 6,000 hours; Myrtle Chapman, 14,500 hours; and Danella Finnigan, 15,000 hours.

It was noted the auxiliary worked a total of 3,119.5 hours in 2012, with Candy Stripers working 61 hours.

Following the awards presentation, the newly elected officers continued the meeting and announced committee chairpersons. New officers are Jean Gholston, president; Donna Morgan, vice president; Marge Moss, secretary and reporter; Danella Finnigan, treasurer; and Janice Jackson, historian.

Others attending were Jean Phillips, Phyllis Allen, Lela Sonderup and Bill Slocum.

Next meeting will be held Feb. 18.

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